Friday, August 1, 2014

Public Relations Student Interns in Cape Town

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

Public Relations Student Interns in Cape Town

Porchia Bradford, senior public relations major from Sharpsburg, Georgia. This summer Bradford has the opportunity to intern in Cape Town, South Africa with Positive Dialogue Communications. Positive Dialogue Communications is a public relations firm working with public relations as an art and science to make their clients well known and respected. Bradford along with other interns from the United States and Germany are working various positions throughout Cape Town. She works closely with account executives doing the ground work for the account managers brainstorming for clients.  
 Bradford(Far right)  with fellow interns
Bradford is working with a few of Positive Dialogue Communications’ clients. She said her biggest responsibility at her job would be contacting the media so that they are able to send content from their clients to be covered. According to Bradford, working in Africa is a completely relaxing working environment. Inside of her office is a casual atmosphere. She had dogs inside of her workplace. Bradford said the best part of her internship is that she is able to experience her field from another country’s perspective.
Bradford dreams of working in a public sector, a part of the economy concerned with providing basic public services. After graduation, if the opportunity presented itself for her to continue working in South Africa she said she would consider it. Her immediate goal is to go to graduate school to obtain master’s degree in public administration from either Syracuse University or Old Dominion University. Bradford has decided to also apply to the 2-year MBA program at Hampton University.
Right now Bradford is enjoying the winter weather and sightseeing adventures that Cape Town has given her.
 -Sechemelia Lewis

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