Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HU Forensics & Debate Team Perform with Living Single' Star Kim Coles

HU Forensics & Debate Team Perform with 'Living Single' Star Kim Coles

Kim Coles and Jamantha Wason
HU Forensics and Debate Team participated in the off-Broadway, Actor’s Association production of “Supernatural: The Play” on March 29 at the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News, Va.

The play starred Kim Coles, who is popularly known from the television sitcom “Living Single.” Alongside her playing Bertina was Professor Jamantha Watson, coach of the HU Forensics & Debate Team, and Ivana Thomas, award-winning team member, playing Hannah.

The production focused on promoting the natural hairstyles of African-American women, and will be featured in a competition for the NAACP Image Awards.

"I think because African-American women have so many choices, we tend to take the most popular route to styling our hair," said Watson. "It had been years since I'd actually let my hair down and wore it naturally. This was, to say the least, freeing to my hair, my scalp, and to my spirit."

Ivana Thomas and Jamantha Watson
Additionally, Watson and Thomas were asked to perform in a feature film, which will begin production this summer.

-Gianina Thompson

Ivana Thomas