Friday, December 20, 2013

HU Child Development Center Gets A Visit From Santa

HU Child Development Center Gets A Visit From Santa

Kids greet Santa Claus with a big hug
HU Eva C. Mitchell Child Development Center was surprised to see Santa Claus beside their Christmas tree with his arms out for a merry hug.

The kids, who are all five and younger, rushed to the merry man with excitement gleaming in their eyes.

Before the children could overload Santa Claus with their wishes, Constance Goode, HU Director of Eva C. Mitchell Child Development Center, told them of a fun holiday story.  The story incorporated all fifteen children; and again, the children couldn’t help but smile and get excited.

The children wished for gifts like a Batman action-figure, Dr. Seuss books, and basketballs.  One child even asked for a pony.  Stunned, Santa asked where would she put it.  She smiled and simply said, “The living room.”

Santa Claus gave all the kids a candy cane along with a jolly, “Ho, ho, ho,” before leaving.

The kids waved good-bye to Santa with high hopes of what Christmas morning would bring.

Laughter is shared between Santa and the kids
Goode tells a fun holiday story
Lots of excitement filled the place

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HU Exchange Student from Brazil Co-Hosts WHOV Radio Program

HU Exchange Student from Brazil Co-Hosts WHOV Radio Program

Tomas Souto de Carvalho and his parents inside WHOV

Hampton University exchange student Tomas Souto de Carvalho, a junior studying material engineering, is co-hosting a radio program on WHOV.  On the other side of the broadcast microphone is Dr. Francisco Cornonel, a professor at HU School of Business, who co-hosts with de Carvalho.

De Carvalho is a participant in the HBCU-Brazil Alliance, an HBCU initiative to blur the lines of the cultural divide amongst students.  Approximately 350 students from Brazil have enrolled this fall at one of the 15 participating HBCUs.  De Carvalho is one of the eight students at HU.

De Carvalho fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English.  During the broadcast of the program, de Carvalho and Cornonel converse primarily in Spanish to their viewers.

Before the semester concluded, de Carvalho had the treat of a live studio audience—his parents.  They traveled all the way from Brazil to see how their son was adjusting to his new ‘home by the sea’.

Experiences as this, highlights the university’s commitment to the HBCU-Brazil Alliance with the goal of cultural collaboration and presence.

Dr. JoAnn Haysbert, HU Executive Vice President, traveled to Brazil in August to further promote connectivity and partnerships with the study abroad program. Such push further presents how both countries have an instinctive appreciation of each other that has transformed from simply a partnership to a lasting friendship.

De Carvalho’s mother knew limited English, but the smile painted on her face could easily read, ‘I’m so proud that my son is a Hamptonian.’

De Carvalho does a quick sound check before airing
Dr. Cornonel and de Carvelho prepare for their radio program

Monday, December 16, 2013

HU Forensics and Debate Team Excite Children Before Christmas

HU Forensics and Debate Team Excite Children Before Christmas

Iyana Thomas, Jasmine  Anthony, Kristal Hines and Professor Jamantha Watson smile along side kids at HU Eva C. Mitchell Child Development Center
HU Forensics and Debate Team read books to the children of HU Eva C. Mitchell Child Development Center on Friday, Dec. 13.

The team also donated nearly thirty children's books to the center.  The children's reactions were priceless as they smiled ear to ear the entire time.

In a season where giving is better than receiving, the team will continue to make 'giving' a part of their legacy throughout the year.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am thankful for Hampton University

 I am thankful for Hampton University

I am thankful for Mary Peake who taught newly freed people under the Emancipation Oak.  
I am thankful for Sarah Collins Fernandis (Class of 1882), the writer of my Hampton University alma mater, for writing such powerful and meaningful words that I will never forget.
I am thankful for the Hampton Singers of Virginia Hall who sung up the now Virginia Cleveland Hall by touring the United States and Europe.
I am thankful for not crossing Ogden Circle and being able to graduate on time, no matter how tempting the perfectly cut green grass looks.
I am thankful for the Memorial Church on campus so that I have a place to worship and praise the Lord after a long week.
I am thankful for the famous “Fried Chicken Wednesday” that reminds me of my mother’s home cooked meals.
I am thankful for the 423 faculty members that are dedicated to helping me be successful.
I am thankful that I get to rock the Blue & White!
I am thankful for the generous alumni who give back to the university to support scholarships for deserving students.
I am thankful for the many grants Hampton has received for health research.
I am thankful for the beautiful campus that I wake up to and have the honor of walking around every day.
I am thankful for General Samuel Chapman Armstrong, because without his vision, there would be no Hampton University.
And, I am thankful for President Harvey for the many innovations that he has brought to my "Home by the Sea."
- Mechala Simpson '15

Monday, November 25, 2013

HU Professor says early identification is key to managing diabetes

Dr. David Ombengi

HU Professor says early identification is key to managing diabetes 

Hampton University School of Pharmacy Assistant Professor Dr. David Ombengi recently hosted a lecture on diabetes. The talk, “Stopping Diabetes Starts Now” was in line with the national observance of November as American Diabetes Month.

The purpose of the talk was to shed light on the disease and its manageability, said Ombengi, of his address to an audience of approximately 40 inside the Scripps Howard auditorium.

“I wanted to create awareness among the participants that people with diabetes can live a healthy and productive life if identified early, and effectively managed by lifestyle modifications and appropriate drug therapy,” he said.

Ombengi’s work at HU involves this type of healthcare delivery and economic analysis. Among other courses, Ombengi coordinates and teaches cardiovascular, pulmonary and endocrine portions of Drug and Disease Management, and Health Care Administration I and II. He also serves as Clinical Faculty and Preceptor for the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) in Ambulatory Care at the Community Free Clinic of Newport News, where he also provides Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to patients at the clinic. His research interests include evaluating health outcomes of treatments used in cardio-pulmonary disorders, diabetes and other chronic disease with a focus on strategies to eliminate health disparities.

According to the American Diabetes Association website, nearly 26 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes, and compared to the general population, African Americans are disproportionately affected by diabetes, with 4.9 million, or 18.7 percent of all African Americans aged 20 years or older have diabetes.

The latter statistic makes HU a good environment to facilitate this type of work, Ombengi said.

“Considering that diabetes is more prevalent in the minority population, we at HU can take proactive steps to stop the devastating clinical, humanistic and economic impact due to complications of diabetes through health literacy campaigns one person at a time,” he said.

-Leha Byrd

Friday, November 22, 2013

HU Forensics and Debate Team Are Victorious Again

HU Forensics and Debate Team Are Victorious Again

Fairfax, Va.—HU award-winning Forensics and Debate team was victorious this past weekend at Lord Fairfax Community College in Fairfax, Va.

Schools that competed were Bloomsburg University, Brooklyn College, Cornell University, Fayetteville State University, Florida College, Randolph Macon College, West Virginia University - Parkersburg, and Wilkes Barre University.
Ivana Thomas, Bethany LaMarr, Antonio Dill-Word,
Julian Thornton, and Ras Cannady pose with their awards.
The HU team won in the following awards:

First Place, Parliamentary Debate, Antonio Dill-Word and Ivana Thomas

First Place, Poetry, Bethany LaMarr

First Place, Pentathlon Speaker, Ivana Thomas

Second Place, Poetry, Antonio Dill-Word

Second Place, Single Dramatic Interpretation, Julian Thornton

The team’s next competition will be next year on Feb. 23 at Fayetteville State University.

-Gianina Thompson

Thursday, November 7, 2013

HU Welcomes Google Recruiter

HU Welcomes Google Recruiter

Hampton, Va. – Hampton University welcomed Chastity Wells, a Google recruiter, to speak with students of all majors about their internship programs.

“Google has a lot of great alum from HBCUs, so it just made sense to continue reaching out to HBCUs,” said Wells, who graduated from Spellman College.

Chastity Wells spoke about Google BOLD Immersion
Wells emphasized how students’ resumes should focus on “the impact they can bring to the company,” not just their major or experience.

Google BOLD Immersion invites all majors to apply because their interns are placed in teams across the entire business.

“Google values their interns and their ideas," added Wells, "We don’t treat our interns like little kids, but young adults."

HU student Candace Brown told her fellow students how interning at Google allowed her to grow and network with great minds.

The application for Google BOLD Immersion is currently open and ends Sunday, Nov. 24.

Click here to learn more about the internship or email with your questions.

-Gianina Thompson