Monday, August 8, 2016

The Force Takes Love of Music International

The Force Takes Love of Music International 

Members of the Hampton University Marching Band The Force recently returned home from a Cultural Exchange Program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 

The program was designed to teach the public and private band students of Tegucigalpa the techniques and styles of a historical black college or university band. Hampton students shared with the students in Tegucigalpa some of the marching techniques and styles used by The Force.  

The six members of The Force had about 20 Honduran students each to teach in a three-hour span, Monday thru Friday. The Honduran students learned the basics of marching, intonation, articulation, pitch and tone.  All aspects were developed in the manner and style of The Force. 

"Personally, the one thing that will last with me, is the amount of privilege we live with here in the States,” said Tory Smart, Director of Bands at Hampton University. “There is a substantial amount of poverty, crime and lack of resources that is prevalent in Honduras. However, I’ve seen more laughter, humility, tears and genuine love for music in the last week than I have in almost 20 years.” 

The Honduran students learned seven songs that are performed regularly by The Force; Sleepers Awake, Geometry, Anytime Anyplace, ESPN, My Boo, This Is How We Do It, and Talkin' Out the Side of Your Neck. 

“The moment I landed in Honduras, I felt welcomed. The students were so enthusiastic and eager to learn on the first day,” said Christina Saldivar, senior music education major. “I can say that music is truly the universal language. The language barrier was not a hindrance to our teaching. Even when I didn't know the words to say, the students were still able to comprehend. I was humbled and honored to participate in such a wonderful cultural exchange.”

While in Honduras, the HU students also had the opportunity to visit with "Garifuna Nacional", the Honduran National Ballet as well as be interviewed on four local Honduran radio stations and appear on two of the main news channels in Honduras.  

"Each and every day after practice, the students longed for more information. They wanted to learn more about music, Hampton University, its culture and the United States in general," said Smart. "Realizing now, that music can take them to places never seen before, I believe wholeheartedly that there will be a new crop of Honduran students traveling to Hampton, Virginia to further their education at none other than our "Home by the Sea."  As an educator, and self-proclaimed ambassador of Honduras here in the states, I will do everything in my power to bring some of Tegucigalpa's brightest students to Hampton University and live the "American Dream."

- M. Lindsey ‘17

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

HU's Child Development Center is Creating Community Conscious Kids

HU's Child Development Center is Creating Community Conscious Kids

The Child Development Center (CDC) at Hampton University is doing more than teaching toddlers how to count. The curriculum focuses on children learning skills and behaviors that help them to be successful, life-long learners. The new director Joy Phelps, she has implement several sessions with local professionals and civic duty activities to ensure that the children that come through the doors leave well rounded.
“I believe that children should learn accordingly with their environment,” said Phelps. “They should make a relationship not only with what they learn in the classroom but with what’s going on in their environment.”

All school year students take part in exercises geared to broaden their horizon. The CDC recently participated in several nationwide campaigns including the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospitals Trike-A-Thon Fundraiser on May 26th to help children battling cancer and other life threatening diseases for free. The purpose on the event was to tell the students that there are children in the hospital that need help and raising money through the event could help them. The kids also learned about hand signals and safety on the road.

During the second week in April, students also took part in the Pinwheels for Prevention as part of Child Abuse awareness month by planting pinwheels on campus. All staff at the CDC must go through child abuse training. Phelps used the pinwheels as an opportunity to teach the children that some children are not as fortunate. “ We planted pinwheels to say ‘we are here to support you,’” said Phelps.

Phelps uses the visits from various professionals to help children get hands on experience. On January 26th a representative from NASA visited the children to talk about the outer space and NASA’s role in it. The children got to try on actual gloves and feel the suits the astronauts wear. He also explained why they wear these certain kind of materials and how rockets are used.

In addition, Hampton Mayor Elect, Donnie R. Tuck, visited the center on May 10th to show his support for the work Phelps has done. While Mayor Tuck was there he spoke with the children; also read them a story.

“We want to make sure they’re prepared for the reality of life,” expressed Phelps. “So when they leave here, they have a better understanding needed from them as a person and to be successful when they go to school.”

M. Lindsey ‘17

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jamal Bailey is set to carry the Hampton legacy into the world of business

Hampton University Class of 2016  #Hamptongrad16

The Hampton University Class of 2016 is ready to soar. The graduates will don their caps and gowns on May 8, 2016 and join the ranks of thousands of Hampton University alumni making an impact all over the world. This blog series will feature a different member of Class of 2016 during Commencement week.  

Jamal Bailey is set to carry the Hampton legacy into the world of business 

Jamal Bailey plans to take the skills he's learned in the Hampton University School of Business 5 year MBA program to build a legacy and be a role model for future Hamptonians after graduation May 8.

Bailey, a native of Oxon Hill, Maryland, has accepted an offer from Morgan Stanley, where upon receiving his license will be a wealth advisor associate. He will focus on investment strategy for clients in the Maryland area. Bailey credits the MBA program with not only preparing him to be a part of the business world but also to immediately make an impact. 

"Under the direction of Dean Dr. Sid Credle the MBA program has prepared me to go toe to toe with business students from anywhere in the world," said Bailey.  "The skills that we develop match that of Ivy League school or other institution. We are prepared to do more than participate in the work force but to advance to places of leadership and execute. I learned the most through our chess and kendo classes. Chess class taught me how to think moves ahead, read behavior and predict movement and personality engagement. Kendo taught me how to think on my toes and be flexible, which is the essence of business." 

Bailey credits his tenure at Hampton University with educating him on the importance of setting a proper example for others and investing back into one's community to leave it in a better place than he found it. 

"I thank Hampton University for helping make me that man I am today," said Bailey. "Coming in Fall 2011, I was solely focused on playing football and my grades, not so much in reinvesting into the community. Moving into my sophomore year I understood the importance of leadership and wanted to make an impact by leaving Hampton better than I found it. I hope that my involvement with organizations including serving as President of the Gamma Epsilon chapter of Omega Psi Ph Fraternity Inc., President of the HU chapter of the National Black MBA Association, President of HU's National Pan-Hellenic Council, Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Program, and serving as an ambassador for this amazing institution will leave a legacy for other students to follow."  

- M. A. White '10

Monday, May 2, 2016

Dominique Brown To Continue Educational Journey On West Coast

Hampton University Class of 2016  #Hamptongrad16

The Hampton University Class of 2016 is ready to soar. The graduates will don their caps and gowns on May 8, 2016 and join the ranks of thousands of Hampton University alumni making an impact all over the world. This blog series will feature a different member of Class of 2016 during Commencement week. 

Dominique Brown To Continue Educational Journey On West Coast

Dominique Brown didn’t even know if she would make it to her second year of college, and now she is preparing to continue her studies at the Ivy League of the West, Stanford University.  Freshman year can make or break students, and Dominique Brown made it to be apart of the graduating Class of 2016.

Dominique Brown poses on the steps of Ogden Hall in cap and gown.

Dominique Brown, a senior psychology major from Charlotte North Carolina, learned about Hampton as a junior in high school during a tour of 33 HBCUs. She visited our “Home by the Sea” again during her senior year, and while she stood out on the lawn in front of the Chapel, she envisioned herself being a student here.

Although Brown received full scholarships to two other schools, she decided on HU. 

“I chose Hampton because it felt like home and I saw myself being comfortable enough to grow and mature into the young woman I wanted to be. And that notion has stayed true to this day,” said Brown.

While at HU, Brown was a member of the Freddye T. Davy Honors College, Quintessence 9 Class Officer Secretary, in the Resident Assistant Association, and was a member of The Script for three years. In addition, she is in the Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Program and mentor in Q.U.E.E.N (Quintessentially Utilizing Elegance and Empowerment to Nurture), both for one year. Managing to maintain a 3.95 GPA, Brown was inducted into the Psi Chi Psychology National Honor Society and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

Brown poses with other members of Q.U.E.E.N.

“When considering all the FTDHC graduates, Brown stands out because she is the first in the pipeline I wish to develop with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education,” said Director of  Freddye T. Davy Honors College, Dr. Sabin Duncan, when asked about graduating seniors. “Her story stands out when compared to others due to how much she has blossomed. As a freshman, she was just about risk-adverse and now as a senior she is preparing to study on the other side of the country at an institution that this time last year would have been beyond her comprehension.”

Brown begins her graduate studies at Stanford in June and will pursue a Master’s in elementary education. Although she wants to begin her career as an elementary school teacher, she ultimately wants to be a superintendent of a school district.

“Hampton has prepared me for graduate school by placing professors in my path that have encouraged me to do my best as well as provided me with resources that increased my learning,” said Brown. “The advice I would give to current and prospective students is to enjoy your time in undergrad and make the most of it because it goes by so fast…Do what makes you happy, there is nothing worse than doing something you dislike because it places a burden on you that you don’t have to bare. Enjoy life because you only have one life to live.”

- Ryan Jordan '16

Ryan Jordan Upholds The Hampton Woman Standard Of Excellence

Hampton University Class of 2016  #Hamptongrad16

The Hampton University Class of 2016 is ready to soar. The graduates will don their caps and gowns on May 8, 2016 and join the ranks of thousands of Hampton University alumni making an impact all over the world. This blog series will feature a different member of Class of 2016 during Commencement week.  

Ryan Jordan Upholds The Hampton Woman Standard Of Excellence

The modern day Hamptonian can best be described as a multi-faceted individual, who strives for excellence to achieve an “Education for Life.” Ryan Jordan, Class of 2016, took full advantage of all that Hampton University has to offer its students, and has emerged as the epitome of a ‘Hampton Woman.’

Ryan Jordan, Class of 2016.
Throughout her undergraduate career, Jordan played post for the HU Women's Basketball team, and was voted team captain her senior year. In addition to Jordan’s success as a Division I student-athlete, she was also involved in stellar extracurricular activities on campus including; the Hamptonian Yearbook; Brand757 the student-run public relations firm, and the activist group ‘Generation Forward.’

(Center holding trophy) Team captain Ryan Jordan, and the HU women's basketball team, pose with MEAC tournament trophy.
‪"Attending Hampton University is a tradition I wanted to follow as my father is an alumni and my mother attended Spellman,” said Jordan. “I wanted the experience of being surrounded by people who look like me. Fortunately I was able to experience so many different walks of life from people of color who are exceeding expectations to achieve excellence.”

In true Hampton fashion, Jordan’s academic successes were not to be overlooked, as she accepted inductions into Chi Alpha Sigma the athletic honor society, Kappa Tau Alpha the SHSJC honor society, and the Golden Key International Honor Society. Jordan was also honored with academic awards at HU’s annual CHAMPS (Celebrating Hampton Athletes Meeting Prestigious Success) banquet for accumulating the highest GPA, (3.92), on the women's basketball team, as well as of any female student-athlete for the 2015-16 academic year.

Ryan Jordan poses with HU athletic banquet "Highest GPA" award for the women's basketball team. 
Ryan Jordan poses with her "Academic Achievement" award for HU's highest GPA of any female student-athlete.  
Post graduation, Jordan secured a summer intern opportunity with famed public relations and communications firm Burson-Marsteller. To be followed up in the fall by a 10- month graduate program at American University, to pursue a Masters in strategic communications.

‪"HU has prepared me for my future. Once in the real world, I know it will be competitive, and I need to make the best first impression,” said Jordan. “Hampton taught me how be a ‘Hampton Woman’ and to exude confidence and poise. While the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications (SHSJC) specifically has equipped me with the communications skills I will need going forward in the media industry. I am very thankful and happy to soon be a graduate of Scripps and alumnus of Hampton University."

- Mariah Baylor '13