Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hamptonians are thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving from your 'Home by the Sea'

Here are a few things Hamptonians are thankful for

Khalil Lewis
Freshman, Accounting major
“Being alive and healthy. Also for being able to have the family and friends I have in my life.”

Daisha Roberts 
Senior, Public Relations Major 
"I am thankful for my life and opportunity to excel in every aspect of life. I am also thankful for the good health of myself and my family."

Kyle Fitzgerald
Freshman, Kinesiology Major

“God, and having the Cafeteria food to eat every night. I am also thankful for my challenges, because they make me stronger.”

 Tanya Howard
Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communications
"The health and happiness of my loved ones. I am very thankful for the opportunity to join the faculty here at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, I really enjoy working with the students, faculty members and administrators."

Katelyn Hull
Sophomore, Mathematics Major 
“I am thankful to be at Hampton on a Navy ROTC scholarship. Without that I wouldn't be here at Hampton.”

Atia Strange
Junior, Strategic Communications major
“My friends and family and for being alive today.”

-Sechemelia Lewis '15

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HU Senior Competes Live at 4 p.m. to be AOL Sports’ Newest Host

HU Senior Competes Live at 4 p.m. to be AOL Sports’ Newest Host

Brandon Theo Dorsey
New York—Hampton University senior Brandon Theo Dorsey, is one of the eight finalists for the AOL Sports Search competition. The competition opened auditions for the next great sportscaster to host their new sports show.

Open auditions were available in Los Angeles and New York City, as well as online submissions.
Dorsey, broadcast journalism major from Missouri City, Texas, sent an online submission right from the anchor desk in the HU Scripps Howard School television studio. He impressed the judges and was flown to AOL New York Studios earlier this week to further advance in the competition.

Dorsey and the other contestants have competed in various activities, games, and trivia. AOL Sports will crown the winner today, November 19 at 4 p.m. live on their website

The competition also encourages social media support via Twitter, which will tally into each competitor’s final score.

To vote for Dorsey as AOL Sports’ newest host, you simply tweet: “I want Brandon08 to win #AOLSports Search @BrandonTheoD.”

Dorsey is currently ranked in first place.

-Gianina Thompson

Thursday, October 30, 2014

HU Business Students Exposed to Industry Leaders

Hampton University had the great pleasure of having students, Jordyn Hawkins-Rippie, sophomore, business management major from Baltimore, MD and Alex Garner, junior business management major participate in the University of California Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders program.

SIEML is an all-expenses-paid, career-building fellowship for first year students from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs).

The overall objective of this program is to expose students from these institutions to various MBA programs offered through the University of California System. Participants in this program, spend two weeks over two consecutive summers learning from world-class educators at the University of California's graduate business schools.

Hawkins-Rippie and Garner met one-on-one with CEOs, CFOs and other industry leaders in some of the country's most thriving hubs for enterprise and innovation. The networking further complimented the dynamic workshops that immersed them in principles of business development and entrepreneurship, while also developing analytical, technical and management expertise.

“The most memorable experience overall is building great relationships with classmates from various universities throughout the country in my cohort,” Garner said. 

Hawkins-Rippie and Garner agreed that this experience furthered their knowledge of the business industry. Keeping in mind that Hampton was built on the standard of excellence helped to encourage the two even more throughout the tenure of the program.

Aside from the in-class experience, the two had the chance to have lunch with the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, Bernard Tyson. They also visited the Wells Fargo headquarters and other banks.

I highly encourage all freshmen to apply as soon as possible to this program because the network that you form amongst your peers and the connections you make with the companies are insurmountable said Hawkins-Rippie.

Rippie-Hawkins and Garner thanked the Hampton University business department for making this invaluable opportunity happen to for the two of them.

By Daisha Roberts

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HU Student Spends the Summer in Bath

HU Student Spends the Summer in Bath

Ashley Payne is a senior English arts major from Gurnee, Ill. Last semester Ashley was afforded the opportunity to attend an Advanced Studies in England (ASE) program in Bath, England. The program started in February and ran through May. Payne was introduced to this program her freshman year at Hampton University by the English department. When Payne became more interested in the opportunity to study abroad she was able to meet with a staff member from ASE in the campus’ study abroad office.

Payne admiring the view of Bath, England
During her time in Bath, Payne was enrolled in four courses. Of those four she enjoyed her Irish literature class the most. Payne says that her instructor, or tutor as they are referred to, motivated herself and her classmates to understand the Irish culture. She was engulfed in the Irish culture when her class voyaged on a study trip to Dublin and toured the city. “There is something about being able to pair up what you’ve learned in the classroom,” Payne says while reminiscing upon the life moving weekend exploration.

Payne chose to attend Hampton University because of the family history it holds for her. Her three older sisters all attended Hampton University “I was able to see the positive impact Hampton had on my sisters and couldn’t wait for my chance to be a part of the Hampton family.” Payne says that the director of the international office, Ebony Majeed and Professor Buchanan in the English department were sources of support during her process to study abroad.

The ASE program is not at a university but they have academic ties with University College, Oxford. Oxford professors are among many professors who taught the weekly seminars at Oxford. When Payne wasn’t submerged in her studies, she explored what Bath and neighboring areas had to offer her. She along with her classmates, who all happen to be American, visited historic sites around the city. Payne says that she also ventured out to visit places outside of England including: Wales, Italy, Greece and Amsterdam.
Payne outside of University College, Oxford 

Although this wasn’t her first time out of the United States, Payne says that this experience has her eager to explore other parts of the world. “Studying abroad for a semester was the best decision I could have made,” Payne remarks about her experience.  

After finishing her tenure here at Hampton University, Payne is contemplating teaching abroad in Japan through the Japan Exchange and Teaching program (JET). Along with the JET program, she is also considering applying to Northwestern University to continue her studies in English while teaching through Teach for America.

            -Sechemelia Lewis 

Friday, October 3, 2014

HU Freshman Read Her Children’s Book at the Child Development Center

HU Freshman Read Her Children’s Book at the Child Development Center

HU freshman Chental Song Bembry, author of three children’s books, read to a class of two to five years old at the HU Child Development Center on September 26.

She didn’t just read one of her books; she read from her published book series, “The Honey Bunch Kids,” that she wrote, illustrated, and had published by Xlibris Corporation.

Bembry, 17 years old broadcast journalism major in the HU Scripps Howard School of Journalism & Communications, has been writing books since she was ten.

She’s since added more characters to emphasize “The Honey Bunch Kids” theme of friendship.

Although, Bembry said this was one of her first times reading her book aloud to an audience, no one could even tell.

She read the chapter titled, “Grandma Butter Biscuits,” and the children were instantly excited. While reading she would pause and ask the children questions; and the excitement continued to build and become contagious through her expressive tone and facial expressions.

The children’s comments were endless when Bembry asked, “Do you know what a nickname is?” and “How do you say grace at home?”

Also, her creativity has evolved her into an entrepreneur. She is currently working on turning her books into an animated series—writing a 90-minute Christmas special and several episodes for 11-minute TV segments to one day air on major networks like Nickelodeon.

Bembry also uses her book series to promote literacy. She is a youth ambassador for several organizations including, LiteracyNation and Mission EduCare.

She is excited to further mature her skills at HU. Her mother is an aluma and has brought her to campus several times for homecoming festivities before she became a student.

“Professors at HU are not like regular professors who teach and go home,” said Bembry. “They really want to see you succeed and will work very hard to help you get there.”

Connie Goode, director of the HU Child Development Center told the kids: “We met a very special young lady today. She wrote three books; and maybe one day one, two, three or even more of you will write books too.”

-Gianina Thompson