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HU Student Spends the Summer in Bath

HU Student Spends the Summer in Bath

Ashley Payne is a senior English arts major from Gurnee, Ill. Last semester Ashley was afforded the opportunity to attend an Advanced Studies in England (ASE) program in Bath, England. The program started in February and ran through May. Payne was introduced to this program her freshman year at Hampton University by the English department. When Payne became more interested in the opportunity to study abroad she was able to meet with a staff member from ASE in the campus’ study abroad office.

Payne admiring the view of Bath, England
During her time in Bath, Payne was enrolled in four courses. Of those four she enjoyed her Irish literature class the most. Payne says that her instructor, or tutor as they are referred to, motivated herself and her classmates to understand the Irish culture. She was engulfed in the Irish culture when her class voyaged on a study trip to Dublin and toured the city. “There is something about being able to pair up what you’ve learned in the classroom,” Payne says while reminiscing upon the life moving weekend exploration.

Payne chose to attend Hampton University because of the family history it holds for her. Her three older sisters all attended Hampton University “I was able to see the positive impact Hampton had on my sisters and couldn’t wait for my chance to be a part of the Hampton family.” Payne says that the director of the international office, Ebony Majeed and Professor Buchanan in the English department were sources of support during her process to study abroad.

The ASE program is not at a university but they have academic ties with University College, Oxford. Oxford professors are among many professors who taught the weekly seminars at Oxford. When Payne wasn’t submerged in her studies, she explored what Bath and neighboring areas had to offer her. She along with her classmates, who all happen to be American, visited historic sites around the city. Payne says that she also ventured out to visit places outside of England including: Wales, Italy, Greece and Amsterdam.
Payne outside of University College, Oxford 

Although this wasn’t her first time out of the United States, Payne says that this experience has her eager to explore other parts of the world. “Studying abroad for a semester was the best decision I could have made,” Payne remarks about her experience.  

After finishing her tenure here at Hampton University, Payne is contemplating teaching abroad in Japan through the Japan Exchange and Teaching program (JET). Along with the JET program, she is also considering applying to Northwestern University to continue her studies in English while teaching through Teach for America.

            -Sechemelia Lewis 

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