Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hampton University is Thankful!

Hampton University is Thankful! 

We at Hampton University  would like to pause on this very special day to say that we are very thankful for our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Thank you for all your contributions to Hampton University and the community.

Here are some of things we are thankful for:

"I'm thankful for the happiness and good health of my family and friends." - Professor Communications and Journalism Tanya Howard

"I am thankful for life this year, for the life of myself my family & my brothers. Many don't get to say that every year but God willing I am thankful for the life I live." -  Xavier Eaves, senior marketing major from Houston, Texas
"This year, like every other year, I'm incredibly thankful for my family. If I didn't have them backing me with the pursuit of my passions and education I don't know where I'd be." - Brianna Thomas, senior strategic communications major, theater minor


 "I'm thankful for still being able to be in school with friends that care and to also travel back to see family. After losing one of my friends this year, it really altered my perspective on what matters. I just give thanks to still being able to work towards my ultimate goal in my field and have such a strong supporting system." - Phillip Jackson, Junior, journalism from Waldorf, MD

 "I am extremely grateful to be in my last year at Hampton and for the opportunities God has given me while I was here." - Averi Collins senior, Psychology and Spanish dual major from Alexandria,  VA

"I am thankful for so many things. I am Thankful for a family that has never given up on me. Thankful for friends who have supported and been there for me. Thankful for a God that has never failed me. Thankful for challenges that have made me stronger. Thankful for progress and constant growth." - Justin Williams, Junior 5-year MBA; finance concentration from Detroit, Michigan.

 "It's definitely difficult to form words around things to be thankful for when Gods blessing is in abundance. I am thankful to be in the position where my MBA is just one semester away, thankful for the strong network of friends and associates I've built through Hampton. Most importantly thankful for a strong legacy that my father has passed on to me." - Jamal Bailey, 5th year 5-year MBA major from Walker Mill, Maryland

"I am thankful for being granted the opportunity to obtain a high level of education from such a prestigious black university." - Kelsea Poppy Senior, 5-year MBA major


"I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the community with students at Hampton University and my fraternity. Furthermore, I am thankful for being able to impact so many lives everyday, including family and friends. I give God the greatest glory for bestowing in me leadership qualities and a clear mindset to accomplish all what is in store for me. That's why I am thankful during this holiday season." -  Zachary Pegues , senior, Marketing major from Milwaukee, WI