Thursday, November 7, 2013

HU Welcomes Google Recruiter

HU Welcomes Google Recruiter

Hampton, Va. – Hampton University welcomed Chastity Wells, a Google recruiter, to speak with students of all majors about their internship programs.

“Google has a lot of great alum from HBCUs, so it just made sense to continue reaching out to HBCUs,” said Wells, who graduated from Spellman College.

Chastity Wells spoke about Google BOLD Immersion
Wells emphasized how students’ resumes should focus on “the impact they can bring to the company,” not just their major or experience.

Google BOLD Immersion invites all majors to apply because their interns are placed in teams across the entire business.

“Google values their interns and their ideas," added Wells, "We don’t treat our interns like little kids, but young adults."

HU student Candace Brown told her fellow students how interning at Google allowed her to grow and network with great minds.

The application for Google BOLD Immersion is currently open and ends Sunday, Nov. 24.

Click here to learn more about the internship or email with your questions.

-Gianina Thompson

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