Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HU Exchange Student from Brazil Co-Hosts WHOV Radio Program

HU Exchange Student from Brazil Co-Hosts WHOV Radio Program

Tomas Souto de Carvalho and his parents inside WHOV

Hampton University exchange student Tomas Souto de Carvalho, a junior studying material engineering, is co-hosting a radio program on WHOV.  On the other side of the broadcast microphone is Dr. Francisco Cornonel, a professor at HU School of Business, who co-hosts with de Carvalho.

De Carvalho is a participant in the HBCU-Brazil Alliance, an HBCU initiative to blur the lines of the cultural divide amongst students.  Approximately 350 students from Brazil have enrolled this fall at one of the 15 participating HBCUs.  De Carvalho is one of the eight students at HU.

De Carvalho fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English.  During the broadcast of the program, de Carvalho and Cornonel converse primarily in Spanish to their viewers.

Before the semester concluded, de Carvalho had the treat of a live studio audience—his parents.  They traveled all the way from Brazil to see how their son was adjusting to his new ‘home by the sea’.

Experiences as this, highlights the university’s commitment to the HBCU-Brazil Alliance with the goal of cultural collaboration and presence.

Dr. JoAnn Haysbert, HU Executive Vice President, traveled to Brazil in August to further promote connectivity and partnerships with the study abroad program. Such push further presents how both countries have an instinctive appreciation of each other that has transformed from simply a partnership to a lasting friendship.

De Carvalho’s mother knew limited English, but the smile painted on her face could easily read, ‘I’m so proud that my son is a Hamptonian.’

De Carvalho does a quick sound check before airing
Dr. Cornonel and de Carvelho prepare for their radio program

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  1. Very cool and these pictures and the text of Gianina has captured all the excitement of those moment
    De Carvalho Family