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5 Year MBA Students Intern with National Companies

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

5 Year MBA Students Intern with National Companies

Networking to the Top
It has been said that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And who you know depends on your ability to network. Networking is a skill that Nia Scott said Hampton University has taught her to do fairly well. The Charlotte native is currently in Northern Virginia using her networking skills along with others that she has acquired throughout her matriculation at Hampton. Scott is a 5 year MBA major and an intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) this summer.
Courtesy of Nia Scott
Scott has been interning with PwC since the beginning of June. Since starting with the company, Scott said she has been very intrigued by the company’s Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC). This campus is a $27 million project located in the District of Columbia. While at this campus Scott, along with other interns, taught financial literacy classes to students. Scott said that the facility was “Amazing and it was great to see such a place for children in an area of DC that has high dropout rates and poverty stricken.”
Her biggest responsibility at her internship has been ongoing facilitation and transcription of workshops at a client site with her managers and directors of the engagement.
Scott is going into her third year of the 5 year MBA program at Hampton. PwC is an option for her to potentially have a career in their advisory practice. But for right now Scott is actively pursuing her goal to be an entertainment lawyer.
Helping Others and Encouraging Yourself
The only way to go is up and the only person responsible for getting me there is me,” Said Jadeen Service on her dreams and goals after graduation. Service is currently in her fourth year of the 5 year MBA program at Hampton University. To accomplish her dreams, Service knows that she has to start from the bottom and work her way up. This summer Service had the opportunity to intern with Nordstrom Inc., as a retail management intern.
Whether in school or working in a professional setting, Service believes  that learning is the key to excelling in any field. Service said that Hampton has taught her to be anxious and open minded to learn all that she can. She has also learned to be optimistic in every situation and to always take the initiative to start or lead tasks.
 Service(Top row third from the right)  with fellow interns
Working at Nordstrom, she is guaranteed to get a diverse group of customers on a daily basis, and that is what excites her the most. Service said that working with different people and seeing how to best accommodate them to make them happy is where she learns the most. To be able to effectively work with different people she has to think outside of the box and use non-traditional techniques to open the customer’s eyes on new styles by the end of their visit inside of the store.
Service said that the most interesting thing she has learned while being at Nordstrom is the power the service experience has over a customer. “People like shopping with people” Service said, meaning that they want to be treated as equals to make their experience with the company more of a casual one.  A customer will feel more comfortable inside the establishment if they feel that the service and conversation that they are getting from the employees are genuine.
With the MBA degree Service wants to become a wealth management consultant. She believes that this is a vital tool in individual’s lives that will help them to help manage not just their money but their futures as well.
-Sechemelia Lewis

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