Friday, August 1, 2014

Hampton Takes Howard!

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

Hampton Takes Howard!

 Look out Howard, Hampton is taking over your hospital. Channing Scott is a senior nursing major at Hampton University. This summer she is taking all that Hampton has taught her to work as a nurse extern at Howard Hospital.
Scott says that Hampton has done a wonderful job preparing her for this position. She is working on the Medical Surgical floor, the same floor she was assigned to during her last clinical course at HU. Scott is well prepared for most of the cases she has been receiving.
Courtesy of Channing Scott
Scott said the doctors and nurses in her department are very accepting of her and they are willing to help her so that she will be prepared to finish her clinical rotations at Hampton. They also offer a course one day a week to help the nursing students better understand the concepts that nurses encounter on a daily basis.
Her favorite part about her externship is being able to have hands on experience. She is able to do more hands on work than most students get during the school year.
Through working at this hospital, Scott has seen how health disparities have an effect on many in the African American community in D.C. “It touches me how many diseases and illnesses affect them because they aren’t able to pay for preventative health care,” Scott says about the patients who come in as a result of an illness that could have been prevented with better self-care.
After completing the HU’s nursing program, Scott plans to pursue her master’s degree in nurse anesthesia at Georgetown University.

 -Sechemelia Lewis





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