Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Away From the Sea

Summer Away From the Sea
Students Juggle Part-time Jobs for Extra Cash

This summer Hamptonians are completing internships and jobs throughout the country and abroad. Whether they are in Hampton,Va. or as far as China, they are applying the valuable lessons they’ve learned at their Home by the Sea. This series of blogs will feature undergraduate and graduate students, who are doing something noteworthy this summer.

Lumpkin’s New Endeavors

Tiffany Lumpkin has her hands full this summer as she works two part-time jobs as a receptionist and a freelance/contracted independent makeup artist. She is also taking summer classes at Hampton University. Lumpkin is a senior, biology major from Suffolk,Va., who enjoys all of her time spent at HU.

Lumpkin spends most of her time completing assignments for class and studying for the GRE and LSAT. She is preparing for graduate school, while balancing personal and professional tasks.

When she isn’t working, Lumpkin enjoys hanging out with friends.”We form study groups on the weekends and then party later that night. It helps give us something to look forward to each weekend and provides discipline at the same time.”

Lumpkin finds that this summer is significantly different than last. “I had a lot of fun last summer. I traveled with my family oversees and enjoyed a leisure lifestyle. This summer is different, I am on the grind. Focusing on my short term and long term goals is my number one priority,” said Lumpkin.

Doing makeup has been the highlight of Lumpkin’s summer. “I am in the process of building my clientele as a professional MAC cosmetics makeup artist and I am doing a lot of weddings and special occasions on the weekends. They say you should do what you love and the way you know you love it is that you would do it for free. It’s just that rewarding,” said Lumpkin.

Stevens Spends Summer at Captain Ds

Rising Junior, Da’Reinn Stevens is ready to start the fall semester at Hampton University, after spending her summer working at Captain Ds Seafood Kitchen.

Stevens turned down numerous unpaid internships, and took advantage of the opportunity to make money before returning to HU. Her responsibilities at the restaurant include serving food and being a cashier. Working at Captain Ds has motivated her to work hard to ensure that she will not have to return after college. “I realized how fortunate I am to be able to leave and get a quality education,” said Stevens.

This summer was fun for Stevens but last summer she had more friends to hang out with. Many of her friends have moved elsewhere. During the time she is not at work she is hanging with the friends that haven’t left, and looking up other opportunities to further her experiences. She also dedicates some of her free time to volunteering. By the end of the summer she hopes to take a trip to Bermuda to visit her family.

-Jalisa Stanislaus is a print journalism major who is interning at the office of University Relations at Hampton University this summer.

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