Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Away From the Sea

Summer Away From the Sea
Kyshira Moffett is embracing new opportunities at PNC Bank
Kyshira Moffett
This summer Hamptonians are completing internships and jobs throughout the country and abroad. Whether they are in Hampton,Va. or as far as China, they are applying the valuable lessons they’ve learned at their Home by the Sea.  This series of blogs will feature undergraduate and graduate students, who are doing something noteworthy this summer.
 Kyshira Moffett has spent her summer learning the ins and outs of business at PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, Pa. Moffet is a 5th year MBA graduate student from Chicago, IL  interning at PNC Bank, one of the  leading financial service organizations in the country.
She received the internship after applying at the Hampton University Career Counseling and Planning Center recruiting site. After two interviews she was able to secure a job with the company. Her tasks vary on a daily basis.
 “I have various projects for the summer that will add value to the bank after my internship is over,” said Moffett.
Moffett hopes to gain a deep understanding of the retail branch network, as well as how other groups within corporate support them.
“I plan to build meaningful relationships with fellow interns and colleagues to expand my network. My ultimate goal for the summer is to obtain a full time offer,” she said.
In four weeks, Moffett has learned valuable lessons at PNC. This is her fifth internship overall and she has remained open minded and excited for the challenges and experiences that PNC has to offer.
One of her most memorable moments was engaging in a one-on-one discussion with the leader of all talent acquisition. She provided great advice and told Moffett about her career path. She also enjoyed hearing the CEO speak during an intern summit.
Additionally, Moffett was elected to the student Advisory Board at Pearson Education. Pearson is one of the leading educational publishing and technology companies in the world.  She looks forward to going to NYC in August for the Pearson Summit where she will meet other members.
In the time she is not busy at work, Moffett enjoys reading and going to the movies with her roommates.
-Jalisa Stanislaus is a print journalism major who is interning at the office of University Relations at Hampton University this summer.

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