Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Highest ranking African American at Bank of America addresses business students

Highest ranking African American at Bank of America addresses business students
Dean Dr. Sid Credle poses with Finale Norton and Victor K. Branch of Bank of America. 

The Hampton University School of Business welcomed back one of its own, alumna Finale Norton '85, Bank of America Senior Vice President, East Retail Contact Center, Executive Customer Service Contact Center and Victor K. Branch, Bank of America Senior Vice President, Richmond & Hampton Roads Market Manager.
"We are always delighted to have an alumnus come back," said Dr. Sid Credle, Dean of the Hampton University School of Business. "Mrs. Norton is of the highest ranking African-American at Bank of America, her connection back to Hampton is great. And we are desire to maintain a long lasting relationship between our institution and the bank."
Norton and Branch with student tour guides.
Norton's visit to her alma mater was a part of the business school's Leader Application Program (LAP) where Norton and Branch spent the day touring campus and speaking to several groups of students about how her time at HU prepared her for the business world both socially and professionally.
"One lesson that Hampton taught us while I was in school was the importance of knowing how to carry yourself in a business setting," said Norton. "There have been several instances where I have attended events and I have been the sole minority in attendance. And because of the education and training at Hampton, I was prepared to show my peers I was not intimidated." 
Norton and Branch addressed approximately 150 students, where they discussed their day to day responsibilities at Bank of America, opportunities at Bank of America, as well as providing knowledge based on experience they've gained in their almost 30 years in business. 
Bank of America Senior Vice President Finale Norton & Victor K. Branch receive copies of "Banjo Lesson" from HU Business students (pictured from left to right) Alayah Saunders, Brielle Lewis, Ayanna Donovan & Tomas Tekle.
"Having the opportunity for Fortune 500 recognized power of Bank of America to visit our 5-year MBA program was a phenomenal experience, " said Jamal B. Bailey, 4th year 5-year MBA major. "The representatives shared great insight of their growth and development throughout their tenure and presented the inner workings of a company which consists of ample growth/promotional opportunity as well as an interest in a high level of diversity."
"We gained an understanding for the inner workings of Bank of America and how they value their customers," said Clarke LeGrand, 3rd year MBA Major. "Bank of America really wants to focus on improving customer relations because they want to be the kind of bank that grows with its customers from college all the way to buying our first house." 

- Matthew A. White 


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