Thursday, February 20, 2014

HU Welcomes “Know Your History” Mobile Museum

HU Welcomes “Know Your History” Mobile Museum

In honor of Black History Month, HU Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications welcomed the American Legacy "Know Your History" mobile museum Tuesday, Feb. 19.

The eighteen-wheel trailer transformed into a museum led visitors on a thought-provoking historical journey.

Here they had the opportunity to explore African American artifacts, photos, stories, and interactive learning stations that celebrated the African American experience. 

Behind this incredible idea was Rodney W. Reynolds, who also sat down and spoke with HU professor Earl Caldwell during his live taping of “The Caldwell Café”.
Rodney J. Reynolds inside the mobile museum.

“The idea of a mobile museum was very important to me because as a kid I was introduced to something like this on a lesser scale.” said Reynolds.

“I feel it’s important to emphasize African American history. I still remember scrapping snow from the path to the trailer on our first day doing this, Feb 2008 in Detroit.”

Reynolds, the founder of RJR Communications, Inc., partnered with Forbes Magazine in 1995 to begin publishing American Legacy, a magazine devoted to African American history.

In 2001, he joined with New Millennium Studios to launch American Legacy Television, which aired in syndication around the country.

Reynolds has received numerous accolades, including the Forty and Under Award, the Lillian Award, and the National Business Leader of the Year Award for his outstanding contributions in emphasizing African American history.

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