Saturday, February 1, 2014

HU Scripps Student Wins a Prestigious Journalism Trip to Japan

HU Scripps Student Wins a Prestigious Journalism Trip to Japan 

HU junior Brandon Theo Dorsey, broadcast journalism major
The Scripps Howard Foundation announced HU junior Brandon Theo Dorsey as one of the nine top journalism students in the nation being awarded an all expense-paid journalism study trip to Japan.

The competition pays homage to the memory of journalists who led the Scripps Howard Newspapers and United Press in its beginning years.

This trip will challenge students’ assumptions about the world through an excursion in the Kansai region cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, as well as explore the history behind Hiroshima and Tokyo.

Although Dorsey is a sports journalism major, he understands that the sports industry is becoming just as prominent internationally as nationally.

HU alum Whitney (Boyd) Richardson ‘09 of the New York Times, urged him to apply.

“At Hampton University, I’m surrounded by fellow students who are always trying to better themselves," said Dorsey, “This encourages me to do and strive for more—almost like a friendly competition.”

Dorsey, from Houston, TX, has had an impressive college career thus far.  He has interned at ESPN radio, the Washington Times, started his own website called Elite Insiders, and is preparing for a summer internship at NBC Sports. On campus, he is the online sports editor for The Hampton Script, and produces and anchors sports shows on WHOV-TV news.

Additionally, as a sophomore Dorsey was chosen among twelve of the best college sports journalists in the nation to attend the Sports Journalism Institute.  Here, he learned from top sports journalists like ESPN's Leon Carter, Sandy Rosenbush, and Stephen A. Smith.

“Really, all of this was God,” said Dorsey, “God hasn’t allowed me to forget that it is all Him.”

Despite Dorsey being accepted by Howard, Baylor, North Carolina A&T, and Florida A&M, he chose Hampton University because “Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications would provide me the best opportunity in what I wanted to do, and that’s journalism.”

“Professor [Allie-Ryan] Butler has taught me how to brand myself; my writing skills have improved under Professor [Mavis] Carr’s guidance; Professor [Wayne] Dawkins trained me in refining my writing to sound and look intelligent, but still appeal to readers; Professor [DaVida] Plummer coached me in TV work, and I can’t forget how Professor Jarvis has taught me to self-reflect and further grow as a man,” said Dorsey.

Travel begins May 8, and Dorsey admits that this is one moment in his life that he can look back at his work and think, ‘Wow, I’ve actually done some pretty good things to get here.’

-Gianina Thompson

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