Monday, October 21, 2013

The New York Times Visits Hampton University… Again

The New York Times Visits Hampton University… Again

Hampton, Va.-- Hampton University alumni and The New York Times editorial staff members visited Hampton University to better prepare students who are interested in being part of the NYTimes Student Journalism Institute program and their summer internship—two very competitive, but life-changing experiences.
The New York Times informs HU students about their internships
“Thank you for supplying us with such great talent from Hampton University,” said Don Hecker, Director of the NYTimes Student Journalism Institute, via Skype to students in Scripps Auditorium.

Such comments were quite humbling and rewarding to the university and it made the students even more confident in applying.
To add onto such motivation, three alums spoke about their experiences at these two internships, which eventually transcended into fulfilling careers at The New York Times.

Whitney Richardson ’09 is a news assistant and social media curator for the photo department; AngelicaRogers ’08 works as a news graphics designer along with other responsibilities for New York’s Fashion Week and is faculty member for the Institute program; and Eba Hamid ’09, who participated via Skype, is an editor with experience in web producing, reporting, and copy-editing.

Both internships provide close contact with seasoned staff, producing a newspaper under very tight deadlines, and overcoming intimidation.

“It’s a very intense place, but you find inspiration from the talented people you are working with,” said Rogers.

Hamid co-signed with Rogers and added that students should expect to work 11 hours a day and commit to each project.

The New York Times is a place where you can work, but also learn from talented people.
Students listen intently in Scripps Auditorium

Hampton University mirrors such setting and it is highly likely that The New York Times will become flooded with even more HU students and alums.

For more information on applying for different internships at The New York Times, click here.

The deadline is Nov. 1st.  Remember to re-check that you have completed everything in the packet.

Good luck Hamptonians!

-Gianina Thompson

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