Thursday, October 17, 2013

All the way from South Africa, Emmy-Award Winning Journalist Kenneth Walker speaks on The Caldwell Café TV Series

All the way from South Africa, Emmy-Award Winning Journalist Kenneth Walker speaks on The Caldwell Café TV Series

Kenneth Walker speaks on The Caldwell Cafe

Hampton, Va.-- On Wednesday, Oct. 17, the Caldwell Café, presented by Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications (SHSJC), caught the conversation of two long time friends—host and our own writer-in-residence Earl Caldwell and Emmy-award winning journalist Kenneth Walker.

The two shared stories in front of a studio audience and the awe, inspiration, and motivation was novel-like to say the least.

“We go way back,” admitted Caldwell as the two reminisced about exhilarating times hitting the news world.

Kenneth Walker started in print at the Washington Star and stayed for 13 years, then made his way into television at ABC News as a White House correspondent and anchor.  He was only the fourth African-American anchor for the network at the time.  Success followed him at USA Today TV series and National Public Radio along with many other prominent outlets in print, TV, and radio; however, his journey was a lot more than just a good story.

“Excellence was an adequate shield,” Walker said in speaking of his ability to ascend to ascend to the top of network news.

Walker also spoke of current events facing the African-American race.  He specifically mentioned the Trayvon Martin case, which unfortunately gave people the false conception that the African American race is a feared race, but in fact, many people are drawn to the race.
Kenneth Walker and Earl Caldwell in front of a live studio audience

Walker said people are drawn to the race through athleticism and music, but really it’s in their human rights, activism, and motivation to keep prevailing against the odds.

Greatness didn’t just start with him.  It was in his family legacy.  Walker’s family was heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement and the associated struggles.  This molded him to go beyond what was typical to say, and say what was necessary to say.

“I speak the truth as I see it,” Walker said.

This had closed the door for him a few significant times, but as Walker puts it, “When God closes one door, he opens twenty more.”

During the Q&A, a student asked Walker about how to go about finding a job during today’s frustrating economy.

“Jobs aren’t what they use to be,” Walker said without hesitation, “Look for business opportunities, not just simply a job.”

Such advice will definitely play a role in helping our future generation not only aspire for greatness, but achieve greatness.

 And with just a few seconds left for The Caldwell Café, Walker left a simple, yet strong message, “Dream big and never give up.”

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  1. Hey,What a FIND.... I loved this show and can't understand, will never understand why they didn't keep it going. TERRIFIC ensemble cast, great writing, wish it had gone to DVD so at least i could buy the series. thank you a million times over Brian, for uploading, maybe I can watch some of these moments online anyway.Thank you so much!!
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