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"Hamptonians Who Give" Spotlight: Leonard Powell Jr. '66

"Hamptonians Who Give" Spotlight: Leonard Powell Jr. '66

Leonard Powell, Hamptonian '66
College is all about the experience. When you arrive you remember every little detail about those first few weeks, especially at your “Home by the Sea,” Hampton University. The first week you are introduced to the “Real HU” as soon as you settle into your dorm room and your parent’s leave. During that week freshmen realize that the Hampton experience represents the strength of a close-knit Black college community, which creates and nurtures lifelong friendships.   

Leonard Powell Jr., ’66 shared his Hampton experience and words of encouragement with the HamptonU News.

“Hampton University is a great place to be, a great learning environment and an experience of a life time,” said Powell as he reminisced about his undergraduate years.

Powell believes that as an undergraduate student at HU, it is hard to really appreciate the things the University does during your tenure.

“The longer you have been out of your undergraduate years, the more you will understand the importance of giving back,” stated Powell.  “For example, we never realize there is always someone in your corner supporting you at HU. The money we pay is not the cost of your education, because you can never put a price tag on education.”

For Powell, HU is a community that helps students grow in a short span of four-years in which some could have never imagined the end result.

“If Hamptonians keep Hampton strong, we will continue to generate a stronger bond and school spirit that will be at an all time high,” stated Powell.  “We need to support Hampton so that Hampton can continue to make a difference for the immeasurable numbers of students who deserve a world-class education in a warm and friendly setting where first-rate professors know and care for each and every student.”

HU gave Powell something he could not have gotten anywhere else; he created new family bonds and found himself surrounded by people who genuinely wanted to see him do great things. He gives back not because he feels obligated to, but because HU created an experience he will never forget.

“The responsibility to give back is part of being human … HU has given us a lot and now it’s time to give back to them, as well. HU needs its alumni,” said the proud Hamptonian.

Powell is helping keep Hampton strong. How will you keep Hampton Strong?

Chad Harris '14 

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