Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hamptonians for Hampton – Norma Hatot Works to Secure A Future for Hampton

Hamptonians for Hampton – Norma Hatot Works to Secure A Future for Hampton

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  ― Mother Teresa

Norma Hatot '73 and Alumni Affairs Director Sharon Fitzgerald
Norma Hatot was the first in her family to attend college and Hampton University was her first and only choice. She knew about the stellar nursing program, proven graduation rates and had an experience of a lifetime. Recently, her class won both the Participation and Giving Awards for HU Reunion 2013 in May.  They nearly doubled their Reunion Class Goal, presenting the University with a check for $152,518.

“Giving back to Hampton and reaching back to help others are priorities for Hamptonians.  The richness of the sacred soil of the Hampton experience perpetuates a spirit of family and giving,” said Hatot, ’73.

Hatot recalls fond memories as she thought about her beloved “Home by the Sea.” She loves that all of her professors focused on student success. Hampton’s nurturing and holistic environment made students confident that their professors were invested in their success. Her Hampton experience represented the strength of a close-knit black college community and created and nurtured lifelong friendships of more than 40 years.   

Hatot believes it is important to give back to HU because it is one of the coveted, prestigious HBCUs and it must continue to thrive. 

“We need to support Hampton so that Hampton can continue to make a difference for the countless numbers of students who deserve a world-class education in an intimate setting where first-rate professors know and care about their students,” said Hatot.

Hatot and classmates presenting their donation at the Reunion Banquet
She gives to Hampton because she received so much from Hampton.  Remembering the HU motto “Education for Life,” Hatot knows Hampton prepared her for life – for the challenges and opportunities.  She vividly remembers Fostine Riddick, former dean of the School of Nursing, reminding all her students that education does you no good when you keep it to yourself. 

“Remember to share what you have learned, to help others, to reach back, and to remember Hampton by giving,” stated Hatot.

In the spirit of giving, Hatot also gave advice to young alumni about giving back to Hampton.

“New alumni need to think seriously about the diverse education that Hampton has provided,” said Hatot. “Once a Hamptonian – always a Hamptonian. New alumni should never forget the education and preparation for life that Hampton has provided.  We are Hamptonians and we are family.  We can always come home again and giving is the only way to secure Hampton’s future.”

Give back to Hampton University by June 30 in an effort to keep Hampton Strong! Visit to support Hampton University. 

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