Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HU Masters in Medical Science Program Prepares Students for Future

HU Masters in Medical Science Program 

Prepares Students for Future 

The Hampton University Masters in Medical Science Program has a history of successfully preparing students for the top medical schools in the country.

HU alumnus Nicole Neal was named winner of the Memorial Awards Medical School Scholarship and has received a four-year scholarship to Mercer University School of Medicine.
Nicole Neal

Neal, a 2015 graduate of the HU Masters in Medical Science Program, credits the program for putting her on the right path to excelling in medical school.  

“It really prepared me for the application process for medical school,” said Neal. “I always knew I wanted to attend medical school, but there are so many steps to getting admitted and then being prepared for the course work. My time at Hampton truly put me on par with and in some classes ahead of several of my classmates.” 

Since 2010 the Medical Science program has produced a 66.5% acceptance rate to professional school (including medical, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, optometry and allied health professions).
Medical Science & Pre-Medical Program

The Masters in Medical Science Program at Hampton prepares graduate students for entry into medical, dental, and other health professions schools by focusing on content and test-taking skills for professional examinations, and by providing preparation in the courses offered in the first year of health professions programs. The Medical Science Program separates itself from other preparation programs by offering a Master’s degree upon graduation.
Dr. Michael Druitt, Program Director

“Our students understand that this is a special, second-chance opportunity to realize their ultimate dreams of becoming doctors/dentists,” said Dr. Michael Druitt, program director. “I am very proud of our graduate program in Medical Science; here at Hampton, we help to prepare highly motivated students who share a passion for success and are committed to helping their communities!” The program mantra, is “Your Network = Your Networth!”

The first year curriculum is designed as a rigorous review and preparation for the MCAT/DAT. The second year curriculum was designed by the Chair of the Department of Physiology at the Morehouse School of Medicine and the Chair of the Department of Biochemistry at Meharry Medical College to model the first year of Medical/Dental School. The Comprehensive Examination, administered at the completion of the second year and required for graduation, is designed to mimic the Medical/Dental National Board Examination Part I.

For more information on the program visit http://science.hamptonu.edu/prehealth/mprograms.cfm

- M.A. White '10


  1. Congratulations, Nicole!!! :)

    ~Meghan Jackson, M.D.
    *HU Undergraduate College, Chemistry, c/o 2000
    *HU Graduate College, Medical Science Program, c/o 2002

  2. That's great, when I was at HU/Bio major I failed MCAT horribly, 2x..no preparation available. Good to see HU match modern needs with the market.

  3. That's great news HU. I'm a Hampton University graduate c/o 2006. I am a physician assistant with a speciality in the area of medical oncology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Thanks Dr. Druitt! :-)

  4. Congrats Ms. Neal! Do great things!


    Dr. Wilson

  5. Congratulations Nicole! I know you worked your butt off! How lucky our students are to have a caring director like Mike Druitt. I had professors like that during my time as a student at Hampton, and am happy to see the tradition of care continue.