Friday, September 11, 2015

HU Scripps Howard Students Learn First-Hand About The Business of Journalism From Bloomberg News’ Matthew Winkler

HU Scripps Howard Students Learn First-Hand About The Business of Journalism From Bloomberg News’ Matthew Winkler

Hampton University students took detailed notes, asked germane questions, and received answers straight from the mouth of Bloomberg News' Editor-In-Chief Emeritus, Matthew Winkler.   Topics of lively discussion ranged from: The birth of Bloomberg L.P. in 1981, The Bloomberg Way’s Five Fs, and the revolutionary news terminal that propelled journalism into the digital age.

Pulley (Left) & Winkler (Right) pose for photos before the main event.
     -Photo by Mariah Baylor
Dean of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications (SHSJC) Brett Pulley, introduced Winkler and the two shared anecdotes from the early days of Bloomberg and enlightened students about business journalism in the current political climate.  Of the anecdotes shared by Winkler, the most popular was a tale accounting the first time any US President, President Barack Obama, cited Bloomberg News as its sole news organization, during a live speech on American business to the Detroit Economic Club at Wayne State University. 

“This President (President Obama) will be perceived as one of the best Presidents for American business, ever,” said Bloomberg News cofounder and Bloomberg L.P. board member, Winkler.

Scripps Howard students’ proficiency and knowledge of the Bloomberg Terminal can be attributed directly to their hands-on classroom experience, upon its insertion to the journalism school by Dean Pulley in 2012. 

        Winkler & Pulley enjoy a video presentation. 
                             -Photo by Mariah Baylor                                  

Winkler to Dean Pulley and students on the worldwide use of the Bloomberg News Terminal and the importance of great data use in journalism, “You asked for an example of how important the (Bloomberg) terminal is to understanding and writing great stories? With just a little imagination you can take it (the story) way beyond where you think it is.”

“Great data really empowers you,” exclaimed Dean Pulley.  All future words and stories, equipped with data from Bloomberg News terminals, rests in the steady hands of Scripps Howard students. 
Winkler & Pulley discuss the importance of the Bloomberg News Terminal.
 -Photo by Mariah Baylor

Among the many questions Winkler’s Q&A inspired, eager students asked for a walk through of Bloomberg’s famous “Five Fs” of journalism, of which Bloomberg journalists as well as journalists from competing news sources operate devotedly: factual word, first word, fastest word, final word, and future word.

Winkler answers student questions &
poses for photos after the event.
-Photo by Mariah Baylor
Winkler (Left), Baylor (Right)
Photo by Mariah Baylor
-Mariah Baylor '13


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