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HU Student's Internships Take Her to the NFL and the White House

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HU Student's Internships Take Her to the NFL and the White House

Fryson visits the Indianapolis Colts training facility. Photo c/o Sydnei Fryson.
At a time of year when much of the world is in World Cup frenzy, one HU senior has her attention focused on the NFL.

Sydnei Fryson, a broadcast journalism major and English minor, recently began her internship with RTV6 (WRTV Indianapolis). Through this news station, she has had the opportunity to work with the Indianapolis Colts NFL team. She has visited their training center and produced packages for the team. She recounts visiting the team's locker and practice rooms as her most memorable experience thus far.

“It was amazing,” Fryson said. “I had to take a minute and let it all sink in. I was actually living my dream.”

Fryson will return to covering the Colts in July when the training camp is held. Until then, she will cover local stories in the Indianapolis area. She says the internship has already taught her a great deal.

The most important thing I've learned so far is to be creative with standups and writing. I’ve learned to make an impact as an intern. I may not be able to do everything like a real job, but I can definitely make them remember me,” Fryson said.

Fryson at the White House. Photo c/o Sydnei Fryson.
Fryson’s current internship comes on the heels of another work experience. She completed an internship in May with the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire as a participant in the “Semester in Washington” program. The program allows college journalists to spend a summer interning in Washington, D.C.

During her internship with the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire, Fryson covered a variety of events, including the Scripps National Spelling Bee, a Medal of Honor ceremony, as well as a rally to support President Obama’s Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy.

 “Apply to any and everything that seems the least bit interesting to you,” Fryson advised students seeking internship positions. “You may not be getting money, but you're getting the experience. My internship after freshman year was unpaid, but I was definitely a better journalist my sophomore year because of that internship.”

She also has advice for students who have secured internships. “Ask questions and most importantly, take notes,” Fryson said. “You’ll be grateful for them in the long run.”

Fryson at the Wizards vs. Pacers Game 6 Playoffs. Photo c/o Sydnei Fryson.
Fryson believes that her work experiences have been excellent preparation for her future career. She worked hard, but also enjoyed the new experience. “When you're reporting in places you wouldn’t (ordinarily) be, like the White House, it's important to take it all in,” Fryson said. “I had to keep in mind that I was on the job, but I just stood for a minute and said, ‘Wow, I'm really in the White House!’

- Tori Twine

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