Sunday, March 9, 2014

HU Forensics & Debate Team Triple in First-Place Wins

HU Forensics & Debate Team Triple in First-Place Wins

HU Forensics and Debate Team were victorious with first-place wins and awards last week.

On Monday, Feb. 24, HU debaters competed at Fayetteville State University in Cumberland County, N.C. and won first place.

HU freshman Antonio Dill-Word, from Philadelphia, Pa., argued that the constitutional right of freedom of religion has wrongly evolved into freedom from religion. 

Caleb Jackson, HU junior from Houston, Texas, made strong points about why the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act should be repealed.

Ivana Thomas, HU sophomore hailing from Durham, N.C., explained why the Stand Your Ground laws are a legitimate expansion of the doctrine of self-defense.
Coach Jamantha Watson (left) with her winning team

Four days later on Friday, Feb. 28, the HU team prepared for a two-day competition at Ocean City, Md., and took home three prestigious awards.

Rafaela Peixoto, HU Fulbright Exchange Student from Recife, Brazil, was awarded first place for “Novice Speaker".
First place win in “Dramatic Duo” and fourth place win in “Parliamentary Debate” went to the pair Antonio Dill-Word and Zarin Newman, HU junior from Atlanta, Ga.

Congratulations to our HU Forensics & Debate Team for their triple first-place wins and awards.

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