Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pearson Honors Hampton University Professors

Pearson Honors Hampton University Professors

Professor Robert Watson

In college you never know what to expect; as students we are eager to learn and our minds are open to every experience. But, once we get adjusted to the “college lifestyle” some of us become homesick and want our parents and/or guardians to be by our side as we face life as a young maturing adult.
Although, our parents are not here and we cannot run home at a moment’s notice, students look for guidance and parental comfort from professors.  

Professor Michael D. Druitt

Recently, Pearson Campus Ambassador and recent class of 2013 graduate, Colby Mason, hosted a "One Professor" filming party to honor  the magnificent teachers at HU. Pearson Education Inc., asked students to honor one professor who has helped shape their lives.  Although countless stories were submitted, 13 faculty members at Hampton University (HU) were recently honored in Pearson’s “One Professor” movement by their students. These professors were the ones who have made a lasting impression, inside and outside the classroom on the students they serve.

Students were asked to create short videos honoring an educator who has shaped their lives and ignited their passion. The lists of HU professors being recognized are as follows:

Dr. Adeyinka A. Adeyiga 
Professor of Chemical Engineering – School of Science
 Dr. Michael DiBari 
Assistant Professor – Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications

Dr. Eric Claville 
Interim Assistant Dean of the School of Liberal Arts 

Professor Michael D. Druitt 
Assistant Professor of Biology and Assistant to the Dean – School of Science
Professor Ziette Hayes 
Assistant Professor of Business Administration – School of Business
Professor Rick Jarvis 
Assistant Professor of the William R. Harvey Leadership  Institute
Professor Nicoleta Maghear 
Lecturer of Business Administration – School of Business
Dr. Sharad K. Maheshwari 
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies – School of Liberal Arts
Dr. Michelle Penn-Marshall 
Chairperson of the Department of Biological Sciences – School of Science
Professor DaRelle Rollins
Assistant Professor of English – School of Liberal Arts
Dr. Mohammed B. Sillah 
Associate Professor of Political Science - School of Liberal Arts
Professor Robert Watson
Assistant Professor of History – School of Liberal Arts
Professor Erica Woods-Warrior
Assistant Professor of Political Science and History – School of Liberal Arts                                                            
Congratulations to all the HU faculty members honored as an incredible group of over 400 professors from colleges all over the country being honored!         

- Chad Harris '14              


  1. Great article! Here are some pics from the Filming Party I hosted: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152792357510562.1073741827.431257660561&type=1.

  2. Pearson Campus Ambassador Colby Mason hosts a One Professor filming party to honor the magnificent teachers at Hampton University.