Monday, September 17, 2012

HU NAACP hosts Voter Empowerment Rally

Da’Quan Love '14 speaks at the HU NAACP Voter Empowerment Rally

HU NAACP President Austin Hutchinson ‘13, Author, Motivational Speaker Kemba Smith, and HU NAACP Member Da’Quan Love ‘14

Students signed up to become registered voters

HU NAACP hosts Voter Empowerment Rally

The Hampton University NAACP hosted a voter empowerment rally to help motivate students to register to vote and be active in the Nov. 6 election, that pits President Barack Obama against Governor Mitt Romney. The Sept. 13 rally was in the HU Student Center and included spoken word, voter registration information, and an address by author and motivational speaker Kemba Smith.

HU NAACP member Da’Quan Love ‘14, who hosted the event, said it was an opportunity to encourage students to use their vote as their voice.

“A lot of folk think that young people are apathetic, but in 2008 we made a difference at the polls,” said Love, who is also state president of the Virginia NAACP Youth and College Division. “The NAAP is non partisan; we have no political affiliation. People died so we could vote today. We’re trying to make voting exciting, the cool thing.”

The group has other events planned prior to Election Day, including voter registration in the Student Center during 12 p.m. -2 p.m.  hours and debate watch parties. HU Senior Austin Hutchinson, is the president of the HU NAACP chapter.

“If we don't vote, someone will vote for us, and it won’t necessarily be in our best interest,” Hutchinson said. “As young, minority college students, they’re threatening to take away grants and things we need. Activism will not skip our generation. We have to promote this.”

To find out more about the HU NAACP follow the group @HamptonNAACP. Also, text VAYCD to 6227 to get updates about the Virginia NAACP Youth and College Division.

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  2. Thanks to the incentive of HU and other Universities democracy survived and Barack Obama was reelected. Kudos!