Friday, February 17, 2012

Hampton U the Real Hillman: Bledsoe and Bell Share with HU Students

Hampton U the Real Hillman: Bledsoe and Bell Share with HU Students

Darryl M. Bell and Tempestt Bledsoe 

Rev. Haggins moderates a conversation with Bledsoe and Bell

The Hampton University Center for Public Policy and Leadership Spring Speaker’s Series, and the Department of Performing Arts co-sponsored a Conversation with Tempestt Bledsoe and Darryl M. Bell on Feb. 17,  in the Little Theater from 12-1 p.m. Bledsoe, known for her role as Vanessa in The Cosby Show and Bell, known for his role as Ron in A Different World, discussed the importance of artists using their creative influence to become activists in the community.

Bledsoe and Bell both discussed the influence The Cosby Show and A Different World had on the African- American community, and specifically, college-aged students. Bell even commented on how Hillman, the pretend college from the show, was modeled after Hampton University and even helped boost college enrollment during the 90s.

-Morgan Gusby '12


  1. I just knew it! I am a graduate of Hampton University and every time I watched the show, the scenes of the dorm/house reminded me so much of living in "The Moorings" on the water at Hampton. There were so many scenes of the Student Union at Hampton that were represented as well. It was aways so much fun watching the show and thinking about my true, "Home by the sea!"
    Karen Vaughan Palmer
    Hampton (Institute) University

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  3. My daughter graduated from Hampton University, and it was always a heady experience when we visited her, in her "home by the sea." I too loved the fact that The Cosby Show was predicated on this hbcu.