Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Attention Alumni

Homecoming is Nov. 6, 2010 and some of you haven't been back to your “Home by the Sea” since you graduated! A LOT of things have changed on campus but you wouldn’t know if you haven’t been back. Here's some help to prove you've been away too long.

"You know it's been too long since you've been on The Yard ..."

…if you think the cottages are still on campus.

...if you think The Divine 9 still run the campus.

…if you didn't know Ogden Hall has air conditioning and cushioned seats.

…if you didn’t know Moton Hall is a female dorm now, Winona Hall is a male dorm now, Marshall is a female dorm and Queen St no longer exists.

…if you think the "Hampton Man" still looks like a "Buppy".

…if you still think we play Virginia Union and Virginia State in sports.

…if you didn’t know Ogden Circle looks like The United Nations now with all the flags waving.

…if you didn’t know the "we don't shake hands, we hug" culture has been replaced with "we don't hug, we tweet".

…if you think you're going to The Grille to get some chicken wings.

... if you think you can grab a snack at the CC store.

…if you think students still have to pay to get into sporting events.

…if you still think meal cards are your entry into the cafeteria.

... if when you think “The Carter”, you’re referring to James Hall (New Jack City) instead of Lil Wayne .

…if you believe Joe Taylor is still the head football coach.

…if you think the only internet access on campus is still on the 5th floor of the library.

…if you think the cheerleaders are females only!

…if you think there is still a “Munchie Shop” across from the “Game Room”.

…if you don't know there’s a bowling alley on campus.

…if you still think Joy Jefferson is the Director of Student Activities.

…if you still think Greek Intake happens in the spring. All Fall lines now.

…if you think Ms. Gracie will ask "you want some gravy baby?" (RIP Ms. Gracie)

…if you think they still have a Senior Cab in the fall.

...if you didn't know the campus population now looks like a United Colors of Benetton Ad!

…if you can’t wait to visit the Student “Union” next time when you come back.

…if you think Greek probates are still held on Ogden or by the Big Café.

…if you think you can drive on campus before 5 p.m. without stopping for security.

… if you don’t know that the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute is the largest proton cancer treatment center in the WORLD!

- Ryan C. Greene, Hampton University Class of 1997

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