Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HU Mathematician Honored in Who’s Who

Dr. Widad Elmahboub

HU Mathematician Honored in Who’s Who

This September, the 28th edition of Who’s Who of American Women will feature Hampton University’s Dr. Widad Elmahboub. As an assistant professor in the HU Department of Mathematics, Elmahboub also serves as the team chair of the HU Research Center of Earth, Space and GIS Analysis (RCESG) Mathematics.

Her current research focuses on the simulation and modeling for surface materials on Mars. She developed a new methodology to accurately target classifications of Earth’s resources.

She is the author of many journals and is active in publishing and editing referred journals. She works hard with her undergraduate and graduate students on different research endeavors.

“I am very pleased,” stated Elmahboub regarding the recognition from Who’s Who of American Women. “Working hard always pays off.”

Elmaboub has also been featured in Who’s Who in America Medicine and Healthcare and Who’s Who in America Science and Engineering.


  1. Dear Professor Widad

    I am your brother Dr.Adam Zakaria from Hamilton,ON Canada
    You are really an icon Professor Widad. I ma the friend of the ambassador Moheyeldin Salim your realtive at the University of Khartoum 1971-1976. Ihave circulated this good news everywhere due to my pride in your achievements,I am from Elobeid ,Northern Kordofan & is currently in Canada .Could you kindly send me your contact No & email address.My daughters & sisters would like to congratulate you.They are insisting to speak to you personally.
    Sincerely yours
    Adam Zakaria
    Mobile 2899210014
    Hamilton ON
    L8P 3E7

  2. Salaam Ya Ustaza, dictora Widad al-Mahboub. I am Ismail H Abdlla, prof emeritus of the College of William and Mary. From Nuhoud via al-Khuway in primary school.I have read good rerports about you and I am proud of you. My wife and I love to hear from you, since we live in close-by Williamsburg, Va. Phone 757-565-3085. Or send me an e-mail at
    Again. Very happy that one of my peole is doing so good academically.
    Ismail H Abdalla

  3. Dear Prof. Widad Elmahboub, I am greatly proud with your achievements, which is not only reflects the greatness of Sudanese women, but it showed what a woman can achieve in addition, it can inspire many to have a goal, congratulation.
    Mahmoud E. Yousif

  4. Hello! Prof. Al-mahboub

    I am SSG Koko In US. Army Active duty. I have deployed 6times overseas. served 12 years and now I am instructor at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Currently enrolled at University Of Arizona In Cyber Operations Concentrating on Defense and Franc-sic. Glad to have you as mintor.
    Always Vigilance

    Esmat Koko