Monday, December 14, 2009

HU Professor Named Deputy Assistant Sec., Air Force

HU Professor Appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force

Hampton, VA - President Barack Obama has appointed Associate Director of the Hampton University William R. Harvey Leadership Institute and Honors College Dr. Jarris L. Taylor, Jr. as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Strategic Diversity Integration, Washington, D.C. He will begin his appointment on Dec. 14.

Dr. Jarris L. Taylor, Jr.

“Judging Dr. Taylor from his work here at Hampton University, he will do a fine job with the Department of the Air Force,” said HU President Dr. William R. Harvey. “We wish Dr. Taylor well as he transitions from service to Hampton to service to our nation.”

Taylor will be responsible for the formulation and execution of long-range, strategic plans for Strategic Diversity Integration. In addition to strategic planning, other principal duties and responsibilities will include program development and evaluation, resource planning and management, representation and liaison, and human resource management.

“It was truly a honor and humbling experience to be nominated for such a prestigious position,” said Taylor. “As a 20-year retiree of the United States Air Force, to be called to duty once again to serve our country is a blessing and privilege.”

As associate director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute and Honors College Taylor’s duties include the following: teaching honors and leadership courses and seminars, program management, coordinating and planning events, fundraising, grant writing, and assisting students to obtain employment, fellowships, grants, internships, scholarships, and prepare them for graduate school and life after HU.

“My past four years at my ‘Home by the Sea’ have been a wonderful experience, mentoring and teaching our leaders of the 21st century,” said Taylor. “I immensely thank Dr. William Harvey and Dr. Freddye Davy, director of Honors College, for giving me the opportunity to serve my alma mater.”

In March 1985, Taylor joined the United States Air Force to serve his country. His assignments included: Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Miss.; Camp O’Donnell, Republic of the Philippines; Pil Sung Range, Korea; Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colo.; Grissom Air Force Base, Bunker Hill, Ind.; and Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Va. Taylor received the bachelor’s of arts degree from Hampton University in 1995 and the master’s degree in education and human development, 1997, and the Ed.D. in higher education administration from the George Washington University in 2005.

Taylor retired from the United States Air Force in May 2005. Upon retirement he immediately pursued his career goal of working in academia and served as an adjunct professor at Regent University and at Norfolk State University. He was appointed associate director at Hampton University in 2006.