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HUYAC Co-Founder Shares His Story of Giving and Love For HU

HUYAC Co-Founder Shares His Story of Giving and Love For HU

Calvin L. Butts, Jr.
Calvin L. Butts, Jr. ’02, is passionate about Hampton University. For him, HU will forever hold a special place in his heart as the place where he met his wife, April Haston Butts '02, and a cohort of friends that he maintains a close relationship with today.

Butts, vice president of strategic services for Communications Media Inc., continues to serve Hampton through alumni events and giving. In 2011, along with five other alumni,  he founded the Hampton University Young Alumni Council (HUYAC).  HUYAC is focused on increasing the involvement of young HU alumni in Hampton events across the country.

As the 2013 fiscal year comes to a close, Butts shared with the HamptonU News his story about the importance of giving, alumni involvement and HUYAC.

HUNews: Tell us about HUYAC.

Calvin Butts
: HUYAC was established to encourage networking and maintain a relationship between young alumni and the University, to develop its members and aid in their civic and professional progress, and to support the development and public image of Hampton University.

All young alumni have to do is get involved to be involved. At HUYAC we have saying, “where two or more are gathered, it’s a HUYAC event.” I encourage young alumni to join their local National Hampton Alumni Association chapters and start their own HUYAC group and then connect with others across their states to have events designed for and by young alumni.

HU: Why is it important for young alumni to get involved with groups like HUYAC?

CB: It’s extremely important for us to get involved and stay involved with not only the university, but also each other. Colleges and universities, especially HBCUs need their alumni to give back and support however they can, comfortably. 

Since I have been involved with the HU alumni network, I have learned from different alumni outside of my class and have successfully worked with others in business. There is a lot we have to offer each other in our personal and professional lives that we can share.

Butts on the mic at the HUYAC Homecoming Day Party
I strongly believe that helping Hampton continue to attract and produce the high level of talent that is a tradition of the university, strengthens the value of our education and degree. The university needs financial support from each of us to continue that mission successfully.

HU: Is that a part of the reason why you give back?

CB: I have so much that is owed to Hampton that I could never pay back, but I try. While at Hampton I made the transition to the individual I am today. A large part of my network and supporting cast that I communicate with each and every day comes from Hampton. At Hampton I met my beautiful wife and many of our dearest friends are Hamptonians.  Having now studied at Harvard and Temple University if ever asked where I went to school I proudly respond Hampton. Hampton is very dear to me and the experience while on campus was one of a kind.

My wife and I give to assure that the University can continue to provide that one of a kind experience and maintain its standard of excellence in education for all the years to come.

Give back to Hampton University by June 30 in an effort to keep Hampton Strong! Visit to support Hampton University.

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