Saturday, February 1, 2014

HU Professor Interviews Nephew & Super Bowl Player Russell Wilson

 HU Professor Interviews Nephew & Super Bowl Player Russell Wilson

April Woodard and Russell Wilson look back at family pictures
HU Assistant Professor April Woodard had the opportunity to interview her nephew and NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson for CBS Inside Edition.

A few days before the Super Bowl, Woodard traveled to the Westin Jersey City Newport, where the Seahawks prepare for their big match-up against the Denver Broncos.

 “It was great to interview [Russell].  Most of the time we text and email about different things going on,” said Woodard, “As his aunt, I just want to know that he’s healthy and doing well.”

Woodard, who teaches “Pop Culture in Media” and “Introduction to News Writing” for the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, has reported for Inside Edition for thirteen years as well as Black Entertainment Television and locally at WTKR-TV and WAVY-TV.

She has interviewed Dr. Maya Angelou, former President Bill Clinton, and Muhammad Ali; as well as covered the 2008 campaign trail and inauguration of President Barack Obama.

“It is a privilege to teach at HU,” said Woodard, “I was first attracted here for the reputation of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications, which is further complimented with Dean Brett Pulley and his tremendous work in journalism at Forbes and Bloomberg.”

Click here to see Woodard's interview on Inside Edition.

The Woodard family is definitely rooting for the Seahawks

-Gianina Thompson

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  1. As a graduate of Hampton University's Mass Media department we are very proud of the new facility called the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and the continued tradition of success and leadership founded by Dr WIlliam Kearny back in 1967 .
    I am so proud of your nephew, Quarterback Russell Wilson; and his accomplishments "on & off" the field and the tremendous Super Bowl win that silenced all the naysayers .
    I felt all year that he and the SeaHawks football team were destined to win the SUperBowl and Russell would become the 2nd Black Quaterback in NFL history to win that coveted SuperBowl Championship . That has not been done since former RWashington Redskins QB, DOug Williams did that aginst the Bronco's back in 1988 .

    But more importantly than the Victory itself.... Russell serves as a role model to young people across the board; and in particular to young Black youths in need of more "positive" role models that discipline, hardwork, and education are still the Keys to success .

    His discipline and perserverance proves that you can accomplish anything if you stick to it; no matter what others say; you can accomplish great things in life.
    Ms. Woodard thank you for sharing this nice article .

    Kind regards,
    Ed Callender , Hampton graudate, Mass Media Arts, Class of 1985