Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HU SGA VP Takes Leadership to Washington, D.C.

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

HU SGA VP Takes Leadership to Washington, D.C.

Caleb Jackson with Civil Rights activist
& U.S. Congressman John Lewis in his
office on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.
When it comes to Hampton University students, it’s easy to see goals turn into reality, especially during the summer when students are turning skills into experience.
 HU rising senior Caleb Jackson, from Dallas, Texas, is currently interning at ABC News’ Washington Bureau with the Political Unit.

Through the internship, Jackson, a broadcast journalism major and political science minor, has had the opportunity to write and contribute to stories, interview guests, and cover an Immigration Ceremony with designer Ralph Lauren as the honoree and Hilary Clinton as the keynote speaker. Typically, Jackson covers the primary elections contests that are currently ongoing across the nation.

“The HU Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications equipped me with the tools to not only secure both internships, but to succeed at both media outlets,” said Jackson. “From Professor Wayne Dawkins teaching me how to write a lead during my freshman year to Professor Van Dora Williams teaching me how to ask the right questions in an interview, the faculty in Scripps taught me all I needed to know.”
Jackson with fellow Institute for
Responsible Citizenship scholars on a visit to
Steelcase Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.

His internship comes from his acceptance into the Institute for Responsible Citizenship. This two-year program selects twelve high-achieving African-American collegiate males from across the nation where the scholars take classes on Constitutional Principle and US Economic Policy, mentor young minorities in middle and high schools, and meet national leaders like former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Congressman John Lewis.

It was no surprise for the university that Jackson was accepted into the program, but HU is even more honored toward his contributions to the program as a role model that parades his Hampton Pride even off campus.

Jackson is an honors student in the HU Freddye T. Davy Honors College and the current vice president of the HU Student Government Association. Upon graduation, Jackson plans to either study abroad, attend law school, or preferably both.

Jackson and fellow scholars outside the Lincoln Memorial.
“I want to enter into the field of public service and work on creating solutions to the problems that minorities currently face across the nation, said Jackson. “The amount of inequality that African-Americans and Latinos face in this country is preposterous and I seek to dedicate my life towards closing those gaps.”

-Gianina Thompson

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HU Students Dive into Life at Rutgers Law School

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

HU Students Dive into Life at Rutgers Law School

Curtis Harris (left) and Alex Garner (right)
HU rising juniors Alex Garner, from Portland, Orgeon, and Curtis Harris, from Long Beach, Cali., aren’t just day dreaming about their law school dreams post HU, they’re experiencing it!

This summer, Garner and Harris are part of the Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) program, which mission is to increase the diversity and quality of applicants applying to law school by immersing top achieving minority undergraduate students in the law school experience.

Garner, who is a business management major and Leadership Studies minor, and Harris, who is a history major and economics minor, is completing the summer program at Rutgers Law School which includes law school classes, a moot court competition, LSAT prep, field trips, dinners with guest speakers, and professionalism seminars.

“While law school will definitely be difficult, if I continue to develop the skills that have helped me to succeed in my undergraduate studies at HU and remember to approach law school with the necessary amount of grit and determination, I should be able to navigate law school successfully,” said Harris.

Garner and Harris with attorneys
Theodore Olson and David Boise
The two shared memorable conversations with attorneys Theodore Olson and David Boies, who many consider to be role models because of their success in various high-profile cases for large and sophisticated companies.

“Another salient experience was seeing two men get sentenced to 23 years to 12 years, respectively,” said Garner. “This impacted me personally and professionally. It helped me realize how important it is to always assess the long-term impact on a short term decision.”

HU students hold a specific confidence that goes further than just agenda-setting. Their HU pride transfers into their reasoning and it’s apparent when Garner said, “I will pursue a law degree,” instead of just planning to attend law school.

-Gianina Thompson

Monday, July 28, 2014

HU Students Study at Oxford U, comes back with several passport stamps

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

HU Students Study at Oxford U, comes back with several passport stamps

It may have taken 20 years for HU senior Zachary Hinton to need a passport, but he definitely got use of it this summer!

Zachary Hinton with fellow Hamptonian Britney Johnson
at Oxford University.
Hinton, from Raleigh, North Carolina, had the incredible opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom to study at Hertford College, a school within the very prestigious Oxford University. He also visited nearby countries Fez, Rabat, Merkez in Morocco, and Paris, France during his trip. 

As a computer information systems major and strategic communications minor at HU, Hinton studied computer graphics and the ecology of HIV/AIDS during his two-month semester at Hertford.

“The Ecology of HIV/AIDS class was probably the most memorable because I learned so much information in regards to the deadly plague that is killing the African-American community,” said Hinton.
Hinton sight-seeing in Morocco.

Oxford University classes are different than most American lecture-style college classes. Instead of students participating in a course with one professor and fellow classmates, Oxford University teaches within a tutorial system.

Within this system, Hinton met individually with his professor once or twice a week for about an hour where he would discuss the research he found verbally and in a well-developed paper.

Hinton at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
“This system helped me tremendously in my career goals,” said Hinton. “I not only learned how to teach myself difficult material, but I also learned how to present my ideas in an analytical and professional manner as well as craft my arguments on a particular topic on paper.

Hinton appreciated how people took an interest in his American culture, rather respecting it than comparing differences.

Although, Hinton was head-focused on his book, he did organize himself to have spare time to join the Hertford College rowing team, where they trained about five times a week!
Hinton rowing with fellow classmates
in the Oxford Summer 8s.

He enjoyed representing the college during rowing races, but his Hampton Pride was far from being forgotten.

This trip brought excitement to his goals, which are a lot closer than farther now. He aspires to become a Rhodes Scholar and return to Oxford University to study computer graphics or become a Marshall Scholar and attend the Royal College of Art in London to participate in a joint program that would allow him to study in New York and Tokyo as well.

Hinton returned home in June, and quickly was onto the next chapter of his summer—a Google internship within the Brand Studio Team in Silicon Valley, California.

HU applauds Hinton and is incredibly excited to see what more he builds as a HU student and then alum.

Another HU Computer Science Major Studies at Oxford U

Britney Johnson outside of Hertford College.

HU senior Britney Johnson from Surry, Va. also traveled to the United Kingdom to study at Hertford College.

Johnson, a computer science major, studied the human ecology of diabetes and obesity, which was her favorite course during her time there.

“I was able to gain much insight into a pandemic that affects people all over the world today,” said Johnson. “From researching its causes to analyzing solutions, this course kept me intrigued and interested the entire time.”

She also had the opportunity to construct a video game in her computer graphics course. She was able to combine what she learned in her ecology class at Hampton University and what she was currently learning.

“I worked on making a video game that would educate individuals, particularly children, about the effects of diabetes and obesity. I hope to continue working on this project in the future so that I may do my part to help lower the rate of childhood obesity,” said Johnson.

Johnson overlooking the medina in Fez, Morocco.

Along with Hinton, Johnson used her free time traveling alongside him to different parts of the United Kingdom and Europe. She also joined the Hertford College Christian Union, Cricket Club, and even played basketball with their university team.

Johnson credits HU with not only providing her with academic preparation, but also the know-how to network and establish long-term relationship.

Johnson and Hinton in Paris, France.

“Not only does HU prepare us for our specific careers, but it also prepares us for life.,” said Johnson. “Choosing HU is a decision that my twin sister and I will forever be grateful for, and one we will never regret.”

Upon her return, Johnson interned at NASA Langley for the remainder of the summer.HU is excited to see Johnson chase her goal of inspiring the world through technology.

-Gianina Thompson

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HU Communications Majors Intern with National Brands

Painting the World Blue and White

Hampton University students, faculty and alumni are making a global impact this summer. Students and faculty have embarked on internships, study abroad and research opportunities all over the U.S. and the world. This blog series will feature Hamptonians on their travels this summer.  #HUworld

HU Communications Majors Intern with National Brands

Hands on Experience
Waking up at 7a.m.for a leadership class may seem like a lot for a first time freshman student, but it was well worth it. Ashley Bozeman is now a rising senior public relations and comprehensive art major and leadership studies minor in the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute.
This summer Bozeman, a native of Milwaukee, Wis., has the opportunity to intern with The Nielsen Company in Schaumburg, Ill., as a media relations and public relations intern. Bozeman says that she is now well prepared going into her internship because of the Leadership Institute.
“The William R. Harvey Leadership Institute has taught me how to take initiative and use important leadership skills to thrive in the work place.”
Bozeman also attributes the writing and reporting skills that she has acquired in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications.
Bozeman says the best part of her internship is that she is treated like an employee not an intern. She is has the same responsibility that the employees have and she has the opportunity to do hands on work that will make a difference in the company.
Her biggest responsibility is media tracking which is recording and monitoring any press releases concerning the consumer portion of the company. Bozeman works with the North America division and has been assigned to write stories for the NA Buy Weekly, a weekly magazine that reaches 3500 employees across the country. Right now she is working on a story about all the interns working for the company across the nation.
Bozeman is still deciding whether to go to graduate school or jump right into the workforce after graduation. Since her options are still open, Bozeman said she would love to work for The Nielsen Company if the opportunity is offered. Working in Chicago for a public relations or communications department of the Chicago Art Museum or any other museum in the city is her ultimate goal.
Bozeman’s internship ends in August. Although she is working hard in the office she is making time to take classes and trips. This summer Bozeman has already visited California with her family and Washington, D.C. for her first Zeta Phi Beta Boule.

Demanding but Rewarding 

From Schaumburg to New Orleans, Hampton University Scripps Howard Journalism and Communications majors are all over the country this summer. Nia Vaughn is a senior broadcast journalism and international relations double major from New Haven, Conn. She was chosen to be an intern at ESSENCE magazine this summer which led her to the 20th annual ESSENCE festival in July. Though demanding, Vaughn said her experience at ESSENCE has been rewarding thus far.

Vaughn said her internship has encouraged her to be herself and express her creativity. Her biggest responsibility as an intern has been opening and reviewing mail for her editor. Although this may seem like a miniscule job, it is very important because she has to filter through the mail and decide what she feels will catch her editor’s eye. Vaughn said she is amazed by how many people are just trying to be heard. She receives hundreds of submissions of art, music, poems, stories and photographs.

Interning at ESSENCE has allowed Vaughn to use what she considers her best skill, networking, which she learned at Hampton. As a freshman at Hampton in 2011 she didn’t realize the importance of the “Hampton Introduction.” Now as a senior she realizes that this tradition teaches students to confidently and boldly state who they are, where they’re from, and what they do. Vaughn said It's a simple skill that makes a huge difference and a lot of folks just can't do it.”

Vaughn said she loves the mission of ESSENCE and would love to work there after graduation. She is a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, which means after graduation she will be pursuing her Ph.D. in comparative literature or modern culture and media at either Brown or Emory University.

                                                -Sechemelia Lewis