Friday, December 20, 2013

HU Child Development Center Gets A Visit From Santa

HU Child Development Center Gets A Visit From Santa

Kids greet Santa Claus with a big hug
HU Eva C. Mitchell Child Development Center was surprised to see Santa Claus beside their Christmas tree with his arms out for a merry hug.

The kids, who are all five and younger, rushed to the merry man with excitement gleaming in their eyes.

Before the children could overload Santa Claus with their wishes, Constance Goode, HU Director of Eva C. Mitchell Child Development Center, told them of a fun holiday story.  The story incorporated all fifteen children; and again, the children couldn’t help but smile and get excited.

The children wished for gifts like a Batman action-figure, Dr. Seuss books, and basketballs.  One child even asked for a pony.  Stunned, Santa asked where would she put it.  She smiled and simply said, “The living room.”

Santa Claus gave all the kids a candy cane along with a jolly, “Ho, ho, ho,” before leaving.

The kids waved good-bye to Santa with high hopes of what Christmas morning would bring.

Laughter is shared between Santa and the kids
Goode tells a fun holiday story
Lots of excitement filled the place

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